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About Ternias Publishing

Ternias Publishing is a small, independently owned company founded by author Sherry Leclerc. This site is intended to offer useful information and aid to other new and aspiring indie authors.

This company and its website are just getting up and running. Check back often for new content.

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Our Story

Our Story

Ternias Publishing was founded by teacher and author, Sherry Leclerc.

When Sherry began writing, she decided to publish independently, for a number of reasons. For more details, check out the blog article on Self-Publishing.

Realizing what a daunting process self-publishing can be, and how huge the learning curve is, Sherry decided to create a website to document what she has learned. She hopes her blog articles can be informative and educational for other new and aspiring authors.

Meet the Team

Right now, I'm a team of one, but I hope to expand in the future!


Sherry Leclerc


Sherry is a teacher with a B.A. in English and French Language and Literature and a B.Ed. She is also a speculative fiction author (fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal romance).